myEragy.com FAQs


What is myEragy?

myEragy is a practical, easy to use, online Web dashboard for your home that provides you with valuable information and alerts regarding your energy consumption. When you know how much energy you are using, what it costs, and what the bill will be before you get it, then you can be proactive about saving energy and reducing your monthly bill.

How does it work?

In conjunction with an easy to install power sensor and a broadband internet connection, the Eragy system monitors consumption 24 x 7 and communicates this information to our secure web site. Eragy then uses the rate information from your electric utility and provides you with real time, historical and projected information on your home’s energy consumption and energy costs. It even tracks solar system production and value generated - if you happen to have one!

Why should I monitor my energy?

Why wait until the end of the month to find out what you owe the Utility? Knowledge enables control - it’s common sense that if you can track, in real time, how much energy your home is using and what it costs, then you are more likely to take actions to control it. We promise - you will be more conscientious of turning off lights and TVs when not in use and you will see the immediate consequence of adjusting your thermostat set points.

Since heating and cooling can represent 50% or more of your energy costs, we believe that making your thermostats easy to manage will play a big part in reducing your energy and monthly costs. Stay Tuned!

Do I have to look at a dashboard or some display gadget to monitor my energy?

Energy monitoring gadgets and table top display devices are so often moved to a junk drawer never to be seen again! myEragy is different. Once you register your power sensor and set up your email and/or SMS alerts, you will be notified when your energy usage or costs exceed a budget that you set. Or be alerted when a specific circuit is using too much or to little electric. You can even be alerted when your current rate of usage will place you in a higher rate tier allowing you to take proactive action to reduce your usage. If you live in California and have PGE as your Utility, you know what we're talking about!

Do I need to Modify my Internet Router Settings?

No! Once you set up your power sensor and configure the myEragy activation URL and Key, the power sensor will automatically communicate with myEragy.com.

Service Retirement: myEragy Free service

We launched our free myEragy service in 2011 as an energy monitoring tool to help people better visualize their energy usage and to help save energy. Unfortunately, our service did not scale as we had hoped, so we are formally retiring our free myEragy service effective December 31, 2013.

We’re making this announcement well in advance to provide our users with plenty of time to download their energy data if needed.
Please refer to our knowledgebase article on how to download your myEragy energy data.
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